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Duane & Jilene Hay

  • Kelowna, BC, Canada
  • 7788210008

About Us

We are Duane and Jilene Hay from Kelowna, BC, Canada. We have been blessed with 4 beautiful children, the oiliest babies around!

We first became interested in Young Living for practical, safe, and natural ways to build the health of our children and ourselves.

Our favorite five products are:
1) Ningxia Red - for ALL the things an active, growing family needs. Energy support, focus, better vitality and to keep our bodies operating optimally. This is one thing we NEVER miss!
2) Thieves everything. We are passionate about kicking chemicals to the curb. We get 1 chance to raise these babies. Replacing our everyday cleaning & personal care products gives them their best chance at keeping their growing bodies healthy.
3) Sulfurzyme - because let's face it...we're getting older. So for those achey joints, Sulfurzyme helps keep the ouch at bay. helps our skin, nails & hair grow & glow!
4) Savvy Minerals Makeup - Because makeup should be fun, pretty & free of nasty ingredients!
5) Idaho Balsam Fir - our favourite oil outside the Premium Starter Kit. We have had numerous opportunities to visit YL's Tree farm in Idaho where we've personally been able to make & bottle our own Balsam Fir oils. Our appreciation for this beautiful tree oil runs DEEP!

Our favorite part about the Young Living opportunity is that it has opened the door of possibilities for our family and so many others. We have been given a chance to grow and work within a community of like minded people. Helping people to take back their health and hearing the amazing stories after they have started using Young Living’s products has been incredibly rewarding to witness. We love the freedom that we have already experienced thus far and are excited to share this opportunity with others as we continue to grow our business.

If we could start all over again, what would we do differently?

Besides signing up sooner?? We would have been more intentional about building this business together as a husband and wife team. We also would have embraced the “business side” earlier on.

Our top advice for someone brand new to Young Living is to dream big! Develop a good understanding of “why” you are embarking on this journey and work hard to make your dreams a reality. Always keep the image of why you are doing this at the forefront of your mind. A major way this vision (what we call your WHY) can be renewed is by hosting and attending as many events as possible. Info sessions, going for coffee with a member...convention is a must! Oily Summit, corporate sponsored events in your area, harvests, plantings, distillations...there are so many opportunities and they are more than worth their weight in gold! Don't forget you are not alone in this! Get connected with our team and our community, reach out for help when you are struggling for passion. It will help you keep going when it feels like all you hear is “no”. That just means not right now 🙂 Then ask them for a referral! LOL! Don’t give up and remain positive and grateful in every situation.