Good Friday Miracle

Just when I had begun to hope that winter was over I woke up to a fresh layer of thick fluffy snow as far as I could see. I sat drinking my tea this morning and watched those thick flakes fall from the sky. Remarkable icy beauty and it caused me to wonder if this is what the manna from the Bible looked like. For 40 years the Lord provided food for His people as they wandered in the desert. This food came in the form of manna, a wafer that tasted like honey. Just enough for one day. Not too much nor too little. I imagine that when it first fell the people were awestruck by this remarkable food; a miracle. But I also imagine after 40 years of it, it no longer seemed like a miracle to them. Each day they woke to the same boring miracle food.  It seems we struggle to be content with what we have, When we have enough we want more… or at least a little ketchup to make things more exciting.

And I wonder how many miracles I experience everyday that I treat in this way. When I stop to think about it, every breath I breathe truly is a miracle. Every sunrise, every blooming flower. Miracles all around me. Yet I become bored. There is new life growing within me as I write this. An absolute miracle happens every second within my own body and I am barely aware of it.

And today, today is Good Friday. A day we experience every year. A day so easily taken for granted. THE day that one of the most incredible miracles of all time happened. A day second only to Easter Sunday. And yet, we are bored with it. Easter, we can dress up with flowers, candy and bright colors because otherwise it’s rather boring. Good Friday can’t even be dressed up. It is a miracle that we really don’t know how to appreciate.

So today as I watch the snow fall I am reminded of an incredible fall. When God Himself fell from heaven and knowing that His beloved children would grow bored with the miracle, He did it anyway.

He humiliated Himself so that we could be risen up.

Today we remember that the one who created us
                 and the entire universe,
                         every beautiful detail of it…

 that God chose to hang naked… beaten… mocked… and rejected on a cross fit for a criminal.
And frankly, I don’t like to think about it. I’d much rather think about bright colors,  flowers and candy… but that’s a whole other discussion.

Winter isn’t over. 2000 years ago, death and darkness were conquered yet until our Lord returns we will still experience the effects of it. Sickness, pain, suffering these things still exist in our world. But we have hope! And as we watch the snow fall today,  let’s reflect on the miracle that happened 2000 years ago for our sake.