I came to Young Living because I was looking for better, safer options for my family, but I wasn’t always the crunchy mama I am now. I grew up eating a lot of processed foods and with an onslaught of chemicals. It wasn’t even something I thought twice about. In fact, I used to be the person who stuck EXTRA Bounce sheets in the dryer because I loved the scent and would even place scented sheets in my air vents. I was the person who argued that anyone who refused vaccines was a fool.

And then somewhere around college things in my life just seemed to start going downhill. I started experiencing chronic headaches and gaining weight. I was having frequent panic attacks, and a lot of anxiety. My doctor prescribed Ativan and antidepressants but something in me just didn’t sit right.

So I started researching. That journey in life transformation started 10 years ago and has evolved into a complete transformation in my lifestyle. That evolution ramped up right around the time I became pregnant with my first daughter. Life wasn’t just about me anymore. I had a bigger responsibility. And I wanted MORE for my children, and more for my family and those people I cared about. I want to steward this beautiful world well, and create a safer place for our children to inherit. And I want more for YOU.

Once you register for my website, you will see that my content is a  culmination of 10 years of research coupled with a passion and an inate desire that I feel  is my calling to share.  This is a journey.  And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this step to come to my website and learn more. 

I believe that wherever you are coming from, there is a life of wellness, purpose and abundance waiting for you. 


Our children have been born into a toxic soup. 
• More than 100,000 synthetic ingredients permitted for use in Canada
• More than 12,000 different ingredients used in personal care products 
• The average woman in North America uses 12 different personal care or cosmetic
products and we're exposed to an approximately 168 different synthetic ingredients
  through these products.
 All before she even leaves her home.