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We’ve chosen an ‘oily’ life because an abundant life is one where health, purity & passion shouldn’t have to be compromised. Our culture is about empowering & supporting each other to live a more natural & healthy life!

We are a community that believes that life is about more than just surviving. Sometimes all it takes is someone to come along and say “I believe you’re worth it”.  To take our hand and guide us towards that life where we are seen, loved and where we can truly THRIVE together. A life of wellness, purpose & abundance

That’s the community I’m proud to call my chosen family.

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One of the best things we can do for ourselves & our families is to rid ourselves of the toxic chemicals in our homes.

My Ditch and Switch Guide  will give you tips, recommended products and a check list to make balancing a healthy, toxin-free life easier for you and your family. There are so many options out there that claim to be toxin free, and it can be intimidating trying to do it all at once. That's why my ditch and switch guide will walk you through the journey and recommend an affordable transition plan to have a 
completely toxin free home!

"A few years into YL we were blessed with a healthy pregnancy which lead to our full term baby girl. This was huge for us as our first two were born premature with long hospital stays. I know it was due to the massive changes we made in our home and overall health. Our lifestyle drastically changed for the better. Our eyes have been opened to a wealth of knowledge available for living clean and natural. There IS a better way folks; embrace the knowledgeand options available!"


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