Thrive Family Lifestyle – Ep. #3


You might as well take those organic fruits and veggies and throw them in the garbage! LOL Not really but did you know you may not be getting the greatest benefits from changes to your diet?

Meet Shawna Herlinveaux! Her passion for Young Living exudes through this look at one of our staple products, Life 5. Learn some insights into your body’s immunity, your emotional health and how to sustain the demands of your busy family lifestyle that can potentially drain and deplete the body’s resources if we’re not careful to protect them! You’ll learn how to get the most out of your food by caring for the health of your gut 🙂 Shawna is a Senior Star leader with Young Living who shows those that she introduces to Young Living the same level of care and attention she gives you in this short highlight of Life 5.

Not currently part of the Thrive Famliy or a Young Living member? Contact Shawna and let her direct you how to get started today!