Thrive Family Lifestyle – Ep #6


Everything you’ve ever been taught about cleaning your house is a LIE! LOL…sorry to be dramatic! But we are just this excited to share with you what we have experienced in our home. Every cleaning product in your home can be replaced by this ONE product! But don’t take our word for it….Introducing Theives Household Cleaner by Angie Breitkreitz.

You may recognize Angie from her near Viral Post on FB about Theives Cleaner, Her husband Al and the Grill! Here is what she wrote:


And he said it couldn’t be done! Earlier Al says he’s gonna head to the hardware store to pick up some oven cleaner for his grill. I say “Save yourself a trip and grab the Thieves”. He says “That’s not gonna cut it”. And I confidently say “Just do it”. So after a 15 minute soak in hot water mixed with 2 capfuls and a little man power scrub made him a full time believer in the power of Thieves. #nomoretoxiccleanersforthisdude, #neverunderestimatethepowerofthieves, #chemicalfreehome, #chemicalfreeshop, #stumpedagain

We couldn’t have asked for a better person to share her belief in this product with you! If you have’t tried this yet, now’s your chance, you WONT be disappointed!

Not Currently a part of Young Living or the Thrive Family? Angie would love to guide you into the community with so much to offer you and your family. You are in great hands with this amazing leader!