Thrive Family Lifestyle – Ep#5


Well summer is officially here! There were over a dozen heat records set in our area last week and beaches are filling up with happy sun tanners and kids in the lakes. Here in the Okanagan, and in much of Canada we are well into fruit and veggie growing season! That means fresh peaches, apples, apricots, nectarines, you name it! It’s an amazing time to eat fresh and local.

Bringing that a produce home and prepping it for the week before putting it away has been a huge time saver in our kitchen and now is easier than ever before with Theives Fruit and Veggie Soak from Young Living!

Meet Gwenyth Luxen who lovingly guides us through a short look at many benefits that come along with this time saving product that helps produce last longer and cuts down on Fuit Flies! Yes you heard right!! We’ve enjoyed a summer with the lowest population of fruit flies we’ve ever had at home thanks to the Fruit and Veggie Soak with Theives from Young Living!

Add this beauty to your next essential rewards order today! Get ready to enjoy your produce annoyance free 🙂

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